Monthly Archives: August 2012

You should have been here last week

In my mind’s eye, I am a committed gardener, and I always feel uplifted when I do finally get out there.  But such occasions are far too infrequent and I mainly feel guilty about it.  It’s just one of those examples of ‘having it all, but not at the same time’.  I really do believe there will come a time when the garden is properly attended to, season by season, but that time is not now.  Maybe next year ….

Meanwhile, the reality is that nature is very forgiving and the garden responds nicely when I do get something done, and when I don’t it generally looks OK.   In fact sometimes it has moments worthy of being photographed and shared.  These moments are rare and mostly the week before anyone is around to appreciate them.

The rain this year means the hydrangeas have done astonishingly well, so here they are, together with a self-seeded patch of agapanthus and Cocoa who allowed himself to be admired as well.