Monthly Archives: December 2013

Walls have ears, ceilings have microphones

I was astonished to read this week that Google has plans to encourage us to install microphones in the the ceiling. Potentially on all the time I guess, Google will be waiting to answer your every pondering and verbal musing without you having to go to all the trouble of finding a device and turning it on to search for that elusive bit of information.

Apparently: “Like a great personal assistant it will interrupt you and say ‘You’ve got to leave now’ “, to catch that train or somesuch.  Like your mother when you’re late for school.

And what a dampening effect on dinner parties.  No more head scratching as to ‘Who was that actress in ….?’ or ”What was that film with …?’ ‘Was that bit in Godfather I or II…?’ An end to pontificating about house prices or the economy, bandying figures around wildly to make a point – ‘if I could just intervene at this point ..’ intones a disembodied voice from above, ‘.. GDP growth in the last year of the previous government was actually …’ (Though presumably you can still speculate about Tory pre-election speeches without fear of contradiction now that the party geeks have wiped the history on the Conservative website).

Surely half the fun is in not knowing the answer, in debating your way through one topic to another. Back in the box Mr. Google, we don’t need to let the facts get in the way of a good conversation.

Good things about autumn

WINKWORTH 3 2009 aYou have to swish through crisp dry leaves on the pavement, no matter how old you are.

Braised lamb shanks with a good red wine.  Apple and blackberry crumble.

Drawing the curtains at tea time and staying in.

Researching Christmas menus, and spending a few therapeutic days peeling, parboiling, baking, ‘getting ahead’, while thinking about good times to come with family and friends.