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Not for resale

A tissue, a tissue ...

A tissue, a tissue …

I gather it’s become the norm to sell your unwanted Christmas presents on eBay. Some things are listed on the day itself I expect. I find it an uncomfortable concept, but that’s the way of the world these days I guess.

But the unwanted present we’ve been grappling with this new year is a grim cold and cough virus. Not flu exactly but not far off, and left to us by departing offspring/grand offspring. After the long haul of Christmas I was looking forward to getting our normal life back, but we’ve been laid low and here it is nearly the middle of January already. Anyway we’ve done our best not to pass on the gift and to get over it by keeping ourselves to ourselves.

The oddest aspect for me has been to lose all sense of taste and smell. I’ve continued to cook every evening, grateful at first for the festive leftovers, and then moving on to freshly cooked delights (inspired for the most part by Nigel Slater’s lovely new book ‘eat’), But texture without taste? For all I know it’s been so over- or under-seasoned as to be all but inedible, although luckily Mr B has been similarly afflicted – or else too polite to say.

Anyway after days of streaming, coughing and general befuddlement I finally consulted my homeopath and to my joy found a bottle of the required remedy at the back of the drawer. One dose at midday and I began to believe that I wouldn’t be ill forever. Another bigger dose in the evening and by the following morning the symptoms had gone into reverse so that all that was left was a little catarrh; I’m waiting to get some elderberry syrup to chase that away.

My overall conclusions from this dreary start to 2014? Firstly, homeopathy works (but I knew that anyway) and secondly January should definitely be spent either in hibernation or else somewhere pleasantly warm and dry – conditions which are distinctly lacking in southern England at the time of writing.