The Lent Garden – 8

26 Feb

A backed-up log jam of emails today, and a wet morning, so the garden had to wait until the afternoon.  At least the days are getting longer.

Rather than move on to a new area, I decided to have a go at tidying up and tying in the Jasmine nudiflorum.

26 feb 2015 b

It was rather a tangled mess and I found it hard to relate to the neat diagram in my pruning and training guide. It’s probably one of those I-wouldn’t-start-from-here situations, but I did the best I could for a while and then concluded I was doing more harm than good walking on the soil in the wet conditions.

One curiosity is the way that a branch touching the soil will put down roots very rapidly – it’s intriguing that there’s a reaction that makes the stem grow roots and not leaves. Intriguing, but also a bit exasperating when the result is mini Jasmines all over the place which are surplus to requirements.

I think I’ll call that bed done, for now.

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