The Unfinished Garden – More Pictures Than Words – 2

27 August 

I’m pleased that my ‘Spanish’ red and yellow theme has pretty much come to pass.

And those begonia tubers I bought at half-price have produced huge blooms. ‘Bigonias’ you might say.

25 aug 2015 (7)

But the garden is always edging itself towards the next season and as the blue Lobelias fade, right next to them the autumn Cyclamen Hederfolium are just beginning to appear.

The Rosa Glauca are putting on a fine display of hips.

25 aug 2015 (6)

And the Foxglove seedlings are finally beginning to get going.

It’s not exactly been a scorching summer this year – only a handful of days above mid-20s Celsius – but now there’s the sense of autumn in the air and I was moved to take action on the Philadelphus which had developed into a tangle in a too-shady corner.

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