The Unfinished Garden – Moving On

28 August

It’s time to accept that the sweet peas have done their thing for this year, so today I pulled them up and took down the canes. That  patch of ground is looking in good shape now after all the compost I lavished on it for the sweet peas’ benefit. So I replaced them with the primroses (or are they polyanthus?) which I hope will cheer me through the winter, outside the back door. The plants, which I had popped into pots to make room for pelargoniums and so on, each yielded at least two viable new ones for the coming season.

28 aug 2015 (1)

It does feel later than August somehow and looking ahead I have begun to clear the hardy geraniums from the raised bed which is the main focus from the kitchen window. I think it should be a place where I ring the changes of the seasons and I want to fill it with bulbs for the Spring. But then I realised I need to conjure up something else as well or there will be nothing to see between September and February! (Except the Box balls and cone, and the evergreen Euonymous of course).

Summer isn’t over yet though and the trusty pot marigolds are beautiful in the late afternoon sun.


Next week our neighbours of over 20 years are moving away to live in their declining years with their daughter in another part of the country. Mr J has worked in his garden pretty much everyday since we moved here in 1993 and I found his quiet diligence inspiring. It must seem so strange not to be preparing those familiar borders for the next season. I think he will be sad to go, and we shall miss him.



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