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The Unfinished Garden – Pot Blockers

17 October

One minute I have not enough plants for the pots available, and the next there are a number of ‘pot blockers’, those tender types who will keel over at the first frost but which are still going strong. In the meantime there are Pansies and Heathers waiting to slip into something more comfortable.

For now I have transplanted the Heathers into nice terracotta pots to release them from their plastic starter homes.

17 oct 2015 (15)

Then I ruthlessly harvested the last remaining Calendula for an indoor posy…

17 oct 2015 (13)

… and distributed the Pansies in their place.

This is rather in hope than expectation as I have found them to be disappointing in earlier years – yet how can you fail with Pansies?

Looking ahead to next year, I potted up the Digitalis seedlings, but they still look terribly small.17 oct 2015 (5)

At the beginning of this year I spent a long while clearing ivy and creating a better environment for the winter flowering Jasmine Nudiflorum so that it could display itself against the fence (which Mr B painted a smart brown). Now it’s starting to repay the effort. An uplifting sight as the nights draw in.


The Unfinished Garden – An Unwelcome Intrusion

10 October

A chainsaw cackles demonically on a Saturday morning. One of the more depressing sounds to be heard in our semi-rural location. Though we had been warned; a few months ago there was a letter from the Planning Authority informing us of a neighbour’s intention to ‘thin’ the trees on the edge of their property. In fact they had bought the unclaimed piece of land on which stands a line of mixed pine and oak which cast shadows on their garden. All trees which supposedly have Tree Preservation Orders on them. In practice this is clearly no defence from the imperative to have a sunny plot.

The trees were here first, I’d say.

Back in my own patch I just got on with some autumn housekeeping. Sweeping the patio …

10 oct 2015 (5)

and deadheading the Pelargoniums and Calendula to encourage the last remaining buds.

The garden is beginning to close down for the year, but the hips are abundant on the Rosa Glauca – the sign of a long winter to come?

10 oct 2015 (6)

And the yellow pot mums are a cheering antidote to the day’s whining soundtrack.

10 oct 2015 (4)