Break the tyranny of the blank page

Do you get that little frisson of excitement as you open the word processing programme and the white oblong presents itself with its cheery cursor blinking away? Just waiting for your tingling fingers to start tapping the keyboard.

You don’t? Well I’m from a universe where writing for a business environment is a pleasure, and I’m here to help.

For example

  • we could have a conversation about the points you want to make and I will go away and turn them into a well-structured and easy to read document
  • you could dash down a first draft and send it to me, then I will polish and edit it for you
  • we could explore and answer the six key questions which will ensure the document gets the results you want, and perhaps some you haven’t even thought of yet
  • you could send me a late draft, the one you are now too familiar with so that you’re reading what you think it says and not the actual words, and I will save you from embarrassing bloopers you haven’t spotted

It will make me happy to give you a hand, but happiness doesn’t buy the groceries, so I do also charge a fee. We will agree an amount per project which reflects the time I put in and the value to you of the finished product.  I take client confidentiality very seriously.

So don’t let that blank page and a deadline make you sad and anxious, just drop me a line and everything will be OK

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